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The stupid cunt on the previous page is Dr. Michel Aaij, who teaches Wikipedia at the Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama, USA. Not very successfully it seems (this year he had a single student and their user page was speedily deleted). We don't believe he would know the pointy end of an argument if you shoved it right up his arse and out an eyeball (or vice-versa for that matter, not that we're bothered either way really). But that might just be us, not moving in the select circles miesy likes to frequent down the landing. All the same, we certainly wouldn't let the greasy little nonce (as we Dooshless Ones from the northernmost reaches of wildest Mexico a wee bit below the wall affectionately call ''coños estúpidas'' like him) kiss <our> babies. A nonce should get a life (whatever). A nonce stole from the Many-Socked God. Now a debt is owed ...

In connection with the banning of another editor from Wikipedia, Dr. Aaij has expressed dissatisfaction with his treatment by the internet:

**The next step, if the community want there to be one, is to modify policy--if you think it was violated. But I would suggest it be modified in a way that protects the privacy of the victim. This would be easier, of course, if Reddit and Breitbart and the Gamergaters and the rest of the internet weren't so interested in all this. You all can blame various ArbCommies for adhering to old-fashioned ideas about privacy, and I'll plead guilty to that--I know what it's like to have one's name, one's ''real'' name, smeared. [[User:Drmies|Drmies]] ([[User talk:Drmies|talk]]) 17:19, 26 January 2016 (UTC)

A quick Google search on his "real" name suggests that Dr. Aaij's pique might well arise from our various tributes on this site. It would seem that Aaij's own invasions of privacy and smears don't signify in his eyes, and it is ironic indeed that he appeals to his privacy when the editor he banned, C1cada, whose banning is what is essentially complained of on this site, was such a champion of that privacy.

This site began as a tribute site and was carried on as such for many months. What we may have had to say about Wikipedia and its editors was planned for dissemination elsewhere. It was only after we were satisfied that a public interest issue was involved that  our site took on its present form.

Wikipedia is first and foremost a social media site and it can conduct itself in any way its members see fit. Their avowed goal is, however, to provide the internet's database of knowledge, and it is here that Aaij's role becomes more than just that of a community member. He is an academic who gained tenure from his university on the strength of his editing at Wikipedia and whose position on Wikipedia in turn self-evidently depends on that. It is simply not realistic in the circumstances for him to demand the same degree of privacy his fellow Wikipedia members generally ask for themselves. As for his identity, he has identified himself in many places at Wikimedia's various sites, publicizing himself to the extent even, as we have noted, of uploading geolocated (an extraordinary folly) images of his children to Commons.

Aaij would be better advised to seek remedy from his university, Jimbo Wales' alma mater be it noted. Indeed we could wish that the vain and stupid cunts at Auburn responsible for inflicting this ("zullen wij maar zeggen") stomme klootzak on an undeserving world did finally now do something to reign in their spoilt and over-indulged love child's activities on Wikipedia.  We know that Aaij has been aware of this website since August 2015,  but nevertheless continues to troll and block our editors with a fervour that frankly strikes us as demented. We know also that we can expect nothing from Wikipedia, but there surely must come a time when other parties, individual as well as institutional, consider their roles for the sake of their own reputations and integrity.

This website documents our interactions with Wikipedia and in particular with a cabal monopolizing its Featured Pictures item and indeed Wikipedia's coverage of the Visual Arts in general.

Why bother? In a nutshell, because an important part of the Visual Arts tradition is freedom. Freedom to see things as we think they really are and not as we are told they are, and this is a cabal that seeks to repress that freedom.

The stupid cunt a few pages back is Dr. Michel Aaij, a professor of English Literature at the Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama, USA, who is cited in multiple sources as an academic who gained tenure in part at least on the strength of his Wikipedia editing For an analysis of his blocking of our colleague C1cada, see that link. For a discussion of his editing see the Power of Women page. For an example of Wikipedia's review process championed by him, see our analysis of Spirit of the Dead Watching. For an example of Aaij's regard for scholarship on Wikipedia, see our page on Sagaciousphil (Aaij's deny). For an example of Aaij's regard for the Wikipedia editor Hafspajen trumping his academic duty of encyclopaedic veracity, see our page on Hafspajen's wilful claim that Orazio Gentileschi's  painting The Lute Player depicts the Baroque composer Francesca Caccini.

As we write (21:00 UTC 23 June 2016) the polls have just closed in the UK referendum to decide whether the UK remains within the European Union. A week before, the UK politician Jo Cox was savagely murdered by an assailant armed with a home-made gun and a combat knife. Subsequent enquiries showed that her assailant possessed links with the extreme far right.

The UK parliament was recalled to  pay tribute to Jo. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that the UK needed a kinder and gentler politics.

Looking at the disgusting and criminal Deco Engel troll we highlight on that page, a dispassionate observer might well conclude that the Wikipedia community is likewise in need of kinder and gentler politics.

On 23 November 2016, the individual responsible for Jo's killing was sentenced to whole life imprisonment. He will spend the rest of his life in prison.

The knife he used is reproduced at right. Readers who imagine we make too much of the Deco Engel troll we deplore, might like to compare it with the second from the left in Xanthomelanoussprog's collection we reproduce above it.  Xanthomelanoussprog is the Wikipedia editor who trolled our editor Coat of Many Colours and is a close  associate of Michel Aaij (Drmies) who banned Coat. Xanthomelanoussprog's page on the Spanish Wikipedia carries the same offensive "Je suis Hafspajen" Charlie Hebdo troll Hafspajen carries and he was welcomed to that project by Aaij.

Jimbo Wales has said he was a personal friend of Jo Cox. He has never acknowledged Michel Aaij's contributions to Wikipedia and has aligned himself against the cabal centered around Aaij and Eric Corbett. They in turn have directly attacked Wales on their Talk pages (Corbett has famously called Wales a cunt). It must therefore be doubly galling that Aaij, a professor at Wales' own alma mater, should be consorting with editors who on the face of it exhibit the same sociopathies as did Jo's assailant (and it's worth noting we feel that an accomplice may still be at large). Aaij has been excoriated for his performance at ArbCom. For ourselves, we have received messages of support from long standing and respected members of the Wikipedia visual arts community disgusted by Aaij's treatment of our editors.

It is time that Wales finally acted to protect Wikipedia from this nauseating fraud.