Coat of Many Colours

Coat of Many Colours was the editor blocked by Aaij in the circumstances we set out on ourC1cada page.

On 17 May 2016, Aaij described her on his talk page as "a particularly disturbed piece of work" and her edits as "the Wikipedia equivalent of revenge rape":

The edit was picked up at the "Wikipedia Sucks!" forum and our adviser Larkin responded immediately:

The background to all this we shall document at a later date. For the time being we wish to make it plain that we do not represent Coat of Many Colours. She has never edited at this website, nor has any of her representatives. We are not aware that either she or any of her representatives has ever edited at Wikipedia or anywhere else in any way that could possibly give rise to Aaij's "equivalent to revenge rape" slight, whatever that might mean.

A link to a digitally signed text version of this notice (without links and images) dated 20 May 2016 follows. Our signing key is on the servers.