Courcelles is one of the members of Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee who banned our editor Coat of Many Colours following a complaint by the Wikipedia editor Hafspajen that Coat was hacking Hafspajen's computer. Hafspajen later claimed that it was Wikipedia itself that was hacking her computer. The issue was investigated by Wikipedia and no evidence was found to suggest that Hafspajen's account had been compromised. Hafspajen nevertheless continued to maintain that Wikipedia was hacking her computer and appears to have ceased editing as from January 2016.

Courcelles doesn't self-identify on his user page. However a userbox indicates that he is married to a fellow Wikipedia editor Fluffernutter  and that editor in turn indicates that she works for the Wikimedia Foundation, where she self-identifies as Karen Brown, a community advocate. The Wikipedia Sucks! criticism site suggests this may be a pseudonym and indeed she used the pseudonym "Katherine Casey" in the gendergap list email that spawned the Deco Engel troll referred to below. Eric Barbour  had this to say about Karen in a 2014  Wikipediocracy blog about Wikipedia's coverage of IBM:

And now, we just have to mention one of the silliest “coincidences” in Wikipedia’s history, the appearance and rocket to the top of the Wiki-Heap of Karen “Fluffernutter” Ingraffea. Because it just so happens that Ingraffea is an employee of IBM, working as an “annotations team member” on their Watson AI project. She worked on Wikipedia during office hours, openly. As the Watson article on Wikipedia says, “Watson had access to 200 million pages of structured and unstructured content consuming four terabytes of disk storage including the full text of Wikipedia”. Yes, she has edited and patrolled this article, although not very much or very well. As with the other IBM content noted above, the Watson article is currently poorly written and organized.

Ingraffea showed up on Wikipedia with an account whose edit histories were mysteriously erased; her Fluffernutter account begins in April 2008. She frequented Wikipedia IRC channels, becoming friends with Wikipedia administrators like Oliver “Ironholds” Keyes and Brad “Courcelles” Brown. The latter, a powerful patroller, nominated her for adminship in August 2011. And married her in September 2013. She gained oversight powers in October 2011, and he became an arbitrator in December 2011 … almost as if it were planned.

Edit stats conducted late May 2016 show that Courcelles has made some 400,000  Wikipedia edits over a ten year period. This averages out as over 100 edits a day and makes him one of Wikipedia's most proific contributors. Some 70%  of these were in article space and these appear to be for the most part sports related. We are not aware that Courcelles has been singled out for any special opprobium regarding his various duties as a Wikipedia functionary.

A contributor at the (public) Wikipediocracy forum has suggested that Karen Brown has advocated hunting down (over and above merely checkusing) perceived enemies of Wikipedia:

You're saying that checkusers sometimes extend their investigations off Wikipedia, making use of websearch engines, but especially Google, and other Internet possibilities and tricks and so forth, to hunt down their (charitably) suspects or (less charitably) targets.

But their authority, such as it is, accorded to them by WMF and Arbcom and other administrative Wikipedia participants, can't reasonably be seen to extend beyond Wikipedia. So they're off on their own when they do this. Unless you listen to Fluffernutter, who argued that via writing this in policy (or perhaps just agreeing amongst themselves and on IRC and mailing list secret channels) the Wikipedia administrative set could extend to particular designees some sort of authorized hunting expeditions to get those they perceive as enemies of Wikipedia. She didn't say that in so many words, but that was what she advocated, I emphasize...

We are curious to know more.  Fluffernutter made a contribution in reply to a post by Marinka at the Gendergap mailing list which led directly to a discussion of Marinka's identity on Corbett's Talk page and ultimately to the disgusting and criminal Deco Engel troll we highlight on the page linked.