Doug Weller is one of the members of Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee who banned our editor Coat of Many Colours following a complaint by the Wikipedia editor Hafspajen that Coat was hacking Hafspajen's computer. Hafspajen later claimed that it was Wikipedia itself that was hacking her computer. The issue was investigated by Wikipedia and no evidence was found to suggest that Hafspajen's account had been compromised. Hafspajen nevertheless continued to maintain that Wikipedia was hacking her computer and ceased editing at the beginning of the year (2016).

Doug Weller self-identifies on his user page only to the extent that he is an academic. His field would appear to be Archaeology, though attempts to identify him from Google searches are inconclusive. A reasonable view would be that his claim to be an academic is authentic only to the extent that he holds a degree.

Edit stats conducted mid-April 2016 show that Doug Weller has made some 150,000 Wikipedia edits over a ten year period. Some 50% of these are in article space. Many of these are archaeology related, but he has also edited extensively at articles such  as The Bilderberg Group and List of Conspiracy Theories. We are not aware that Doug Weller has been singled out for any special opprobium regarding his various duties as a Wikipedia functionary.

Doug Weller has been outed by  (archived) as falsely representing his expertise. He was defended in a blog by Jose Colavito. The matter was aired in a Wikipediocracy thread, eventually locked by a moderator. We don't believe Doug Weller significantly misrepresents his expertise, though as noted above his claim to be an academic appears to be a bit of a stretch. There is, however, a very hostile page about him at RationalWiki.

It is a straightforward matter to locate his  account. That account carries a link to a 2004 publication of his, but neither the account nor the publication makes claims of academic expertise in Archaelogy.

We believe the Wikipedia accounts Randy from Boise and Xanthomelanoussprog, both of which have trolled our editors, are socks of Doug Weller. We believe the moniker "Xanthomelanoussprog" is a jocular reference to Doug's sandy hair and florid complexion, as can be seen in the image he provides for his  account:

Doug Weller