Weet gij het niet? Hebt gij niet gehoord ...

Following is the announcement Hafspajen placed on her Talk page on 31 July 2014 that she was retiring. On the same day she explained her reasons to her great wikifriend Sagaciousphil:

PLEASE, please, Hafs, don't go - you are letting them win if you do. Listen to me ... SagaciousPhil 

They did already - they won. When people listen to all that bullshit and nobody say nothing - then they won - and there is no point in arguing. I tried to fight it - but when it is my turn - who can I hope for? And by the way - I started to feel mean myself, but when I am that I get smashed on the head immediately. Why isn't the other party told off?

Blessed is the one
who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
or sit in the company of mockers

I had enough. Hafspajen 

Hafspsajen didn't place the Retired template on her Talk page and was away just over a fortnight. When she returned, one of her first edits was to complain that Coat was up to her old tricks opposing a Featured Picture nomination of a Vincent van Gogh portrait. In fact that was a perfectly amicable, if somewhat erudite and far-reaching, debate with the nominating editor Adam Cuerden, an extremely able retoucher of images whose efforts (as retoucher) Coat invariably supported (as she also did, incidentally, Woodrich's very competent photographs of Indonesia). Hafspajen very nicely added an image of Guercino's painting of Saul shouting a spear at David to her edit.

The following day she added a somewhat incoherent edit to the effect she would only come back when everyone realized that Coat was a sock of ChildofMidnight, the editor who had been so solicitious of her in her days as Warrington:

Sorry. And I am sorry he did attacked you too, because of that picture. I will only come back to participate in the same way as before - when everybody will realize that that editor Coat of Many Colours is the same editor that the completely uncivil bastard editor who was recently blocked (like two month ago or so) from editing for a year for disruption, uncivility and socking -- Candle alias Child of Midnight. And I am a targeted person - and you know that Candle DID targeted me and made quite a lot disturbing comments for a good del of editors and enjoyed to make a lot of trouble on a particular issue - at Celibacy.

This edit apparently betrayed an IP address that was revision deleted. Since it has long been established that Hafspajen (or at least her computer) hails from Lund in Sweden,  one has to wonder why. Unless of course it was from somewhere else (not Oregon we trust). The celibacy stuff we were indeed unaware of before now (9 October 2015). We shall investigate in due course. Of course it's very worrying that there appears to be a lone celibate on the loose like this, but there's just so much a single security agency can do.