GorillaWarfare is one of the members of Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee who banned our editor Coat of Many Colours following a complaint by the Wikipedia editor Hafspajen that Coat was hacking Hafspajen's computer. Hafspajen later claimed that it was Wikipedia itself that was hacking her computer. The issue was investigated by Wikipedia and no evidence was found to suggest that Hafspajen's account had been compromised. Hafspajen nevertheless continued to maintain that Wikipedia was hacking her computer and ceased editing at the beginning of the year (2016).

GorillaWarfare self-identifies on her User page as Molly White,  a computer programmer and cat rescuer. A 2015 Arbitration Committee election  presentation informed us that she was then 22 years old and had been editing Wikipedia for over nine years, of which five were as an administrator. This implies she began editing around the age of thirteen and became an admininistrator in her late  teens, directly on graduating from school it would seem. Her moniker for her first account was Theunicyclegirl. She made some 2,000 edits on this account before losing her password and creating her GorillaWarfare account.

Edit stats conducted late-April 2016 show that GorillaWarfare has made some 30, 000 edits over the the nine year period commencing 2007, editing only infrequently the first three years while she was still in school. Of these some 42% are in article space, although many of those were to do with vandalism reversion. Her editing at articles appears to be somewhat eclectic. They include Feral cat and The Satanic Bible  as her most edited articles. She was taken to task for the latter during her 2015 candidacy for Arbcom. Her reply was dismissive rather than informative and this is a pattern we believe we can discern throughout her editing, suggesting to us a somewhat superficial personality. At any rate her editing doesn't seem to reflect any abiding interests, save perhaps at Epic Meal Time. Her personal blog, which is easy to discover, confides "I also love to encourage women in the technical fields, cook, and rescue cats". The same site describes her as a feminist and  features a timeline of events associated with the rise and fall of Lila Tretikov, an outgoing Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation. Molly contributes regularly to the Wikipediocracy forum, a Wikipedia criticism site (although we number ourselves amongst those who believe this forum has lost its way).

Her request for adminship attracted significant opposition. The issue was that she hadn't contributed very much beyond patrolling vandalism. Fat Eric contributed this remark in his ever inimitable way:

Gorilla Warfare

GorillaWarfare (Molly White)

The edit complained of was this. Suc h was the hostility Eric had by this time generated within the community, it's quite possible his comment was sufficient to swing the vote in Molly's favour. We have to say we can't help thinking Eric had a point and that if we had contributed ourselves we would probably have put it pretty well as directly. Looking through Molly's juvenile edits we came across this in reply to a query from a twenty-one year old about dating advice:

Molly was then fourteen years old.