Our jufs  looked nothing like this

Woof. No need to be thinking about us. Honestly.

What do you think? Would you say, all things considered, that Hafspajen likes to kill a nice puppy?  A lot? A little? Or maybe just on special days, possible  allusions to pulling pooches perhaps being some kind of coded announcements to her page followers, yay, fapped one finally! 

Hafspajen is in short a badge collector (there , we've said it, go on sue us). She is  also a compulsive collector and cataloguer of images, notably of young ladies, food,  and puppies, which decorate her and  other editors' Talk pages. To that end there is a Wikipedia category of editors she thus favours. The Category page assures editors that the intent is humorous and not to be taken seriously. Present indications are that a group of editors  are  finally beginning to take it seriously. When Sagaciousphil, Hafspajen's dearest and most faithful Wikifriend, decided it was time for a change and blanked her User page, Hafspajen simply reinstated it with the edit summary

... sorry baby, life is empty without you.

The next thing we see is Hafspajen's welcoming message starting thus

Please remember that this page may not be edited under any circumstances by User:Child of Midnight, and his socks, like "Candle" and Coat of Many Colours as well" or any of their different socks.

Given Hafspajen's incompetence in English and basic grammar, it's difficult to make out whether she really imagines Coat was a sock of CoM or not. What we don't understand nevertheless, is why Hafspajen now adopts such an aggressive attitude towards CoM, who showed her nothing but kindness and consideration during Hafspajen's time as Warrington.

Hafspajen completes her welcoming message with a few more hints as to how best approach the Master Editor. The rest of her page is typically the most amazing total shite, not worth the trouble of even brief examination.

The subsequent evolution of Hafspajen's account following its creation is not especially interesting. It is worth recording a few initial edits she made.

Here's thinking about you babe or not as the case may be

Hafspajen's first edits after her account name change was to query the ethics of Wikipedia including a bomb-making article. It's curious that she continued to use the signature Warrington for a while. At the same time Aaij addresses her as Warrington. As a first name, Warrington is shared by both boys and girls. The name Warrington Minge is, alas, an invention.

Warrington never contributed edits to articles on art topics, such as Hafspajen at this point began to contribute. The nearest Warrington came to that was with a few edits on mainly historical figures, such as Phidias, where she made some 38 edits altogether. She made a similar number to the article on Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, where she continues to edit as Hafspajen. Her first edit on art topics as Hafspajen was at Mannerism on 19 April 2013, where her edit about Michelangelo was a personal reflection that mangled both the sense and grammar of the original. She continued in the same manner for a while, eventually attracting the attention of the Visual Arts specialist Johnbod, whose first task was simply to understand what was intended.

On 10 May, Hafspajen began to edit at Michelangelo proper, eventually making some 31 edits in all. Johnbod reverted her edits a couple of days later, giving his reasons on the Talk page.  Hafspajen responded with a wall of text. We learn that she does her best with English and others are welcome to correct it, that she has studied Art History and everything she added was correct, that some people think Drmies (Aaij) is very nice while others do not, and advises Johnbod to be careful not to be in danger of  Wikipedia:Ownership of articlesenz., enz.

Nevertheless, Hafspajen has the sense not to enter into an edit war with Johnbod. True to form however, she canvasses Aaij. We subsequently learn afresh that she has a degree in Art History, knows what she is talking about, and might well just take the next four years off Wikipedia too. Aaij was considerably  more respectful of Johnbod than he was of Coat. He offered to "drop a line" to Johnbod. In Coat's case, he accused her of driving Hafspajen off the project (but we know Hafspajen drives herself off the cliff at regular intervals) and demanded that Coat didn't interact with her. Coat ironically acquiesced in the latter request. Aaij went on to block her anyway.

On 26 April, Hafspajen made an edit at Great Britain discussing the origin of Wales. The edit is substantial and plainly isn't her copy since she is not able to write English at that standard. A search on the web quickly establishes the edit as an unacknowledged copy-paste from a  British Council schools document. There are other early edits displaying the same sudden mastery of English. Presumably they are all plagiarisms and copyright violations as well. The situation is exceptionally droll as Hafspajen's latest mission is to join the Wikipedia administrator (and Wikimedia Foundation  volunteerMoonriddengirl in tracking down copyright violations on Wikipedia

Finally we can note at this point that in an edit at the Talk page of Aisha, Hafspajen demonstrates an interest in, "shall we say", natural human sexuality.

Scrolling back a few entries in the edit list we can reach Hafspajen's Talk page as it was on 29 September 2015 in its glory days. The first thing you see are long rows of Wikibadges. These are very like the gold stars your juf  used to stick into your school jotters as a reward for your better juvenile scholastic efforts, with the exception that Wikipedia has brought the system to a high state of functional perfection by allowing a Wikifriend (in this case Sagaciousphil) to stick them in for you for absolutely anything regardless of whether the thing you are being rewarded for was any damn good or not. On the 29 September version of Hafspajen's Talk page for example, the tenth badge from the end in the third row was awarded by Sagaciousphil for Hafspajen's effort in persuading us that the sitter in Orazio Gentileschi's The Lute Player  was Francesca Caccini, an original and entirely absurd notion of her's put down with only the greatest difficulty by an international coalition of museum curators around the world in the teeth of repeated blocks by Woodrich and Aaij. To this day, Aaij is blocking proper discussion of the (non)-issue at The Lute Player's  Talk page

Hafspajen is the problematic and hopelessly incompetent editor so curiously protected by the Wikipedia administrator and university professor Michel Aaij.  Her gender is unclear on the basis of her edits, but she herself has identified as a woman and we take that on trust. In a 2008 sock-puppet investigation, she refers to a fiancé. We believe she was a minor at that time.

At the time of writing (April 2016) she has ceased editing, as this valedictory message to her followers attests. The reason for this is not clear, but it appears she believes her account has been compromised. As early as August 2015 she accused our editor Coat of Many Colours, who was blocked by Aaij for opposing some of Hafspajen's edits,  of hacking her computers:


Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee responded by banning Coat months after she had ceased editing. Hafspajen later vouchsafed that she now thinks it is Wikipedia itself spying on her. In fact as, we indicate below,  the question of Hafspajen's account being compromised was investigated by Wikipedia and found groundless. It occurs to us that Hafspajen may be maintaining the fiction of her computer being hacked to deny involvement in the very serious matter of the  Deco Engel troll. If that were so, then all parties engaged in maintaining that fiction are of course both culpable and complicit.

To be what you are or not as the case may be

We can begin by reviewing what can be gleaned about Aaij and Hafspajen. As far as Aaij is concerned, that's straightforward. He's a minor academic of surpassing insignificance  at an American university who happens to edit Wikipedia a lot and apparently gained tenure on the strength of that. He's an administrator, meaning his editing and knowledge of Wikipedia has won him extra powers, including the ability to block people from editing. He was recently elected to Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee, which means, amongst other things, that he now has Checkuser privileges, able to review private information about editors' accounts.

Hafspajen is a much more complex proposition. Go to her user page and you will be met with the banner "Je Suis Hafspajen", an obvious (and most would say an obviously inappropriate)  parody of the famous Charlie Hebdo meme (carried on this site for many months incidentally). In fact this appears to have been provided by a Swedish fan and clicking through the links brings you to Hafspajen's Talk page on the Swedish wikipedia. Swedish is not one of our UN languages and is quite incomprehensibly spelt, but one can get the gist of it. It appears that Hafspajen has a degree in  landscape architecture. Her gender is not clear from any discussion we have seen, although in the recent outburst we record here, she says she is a woman. Nevertheless, a remark she made on the Talk page of the Wikipedia editor Sagaciousphil (who identifies as a woman)  suggests that on the contrary she is a man, and there is a wealth of other evidence, not least her evident sexism, to support that view. She edited on the Swedish wikipedia from 2013 to 2015 retiring twice, once because she couldn't put pics on her Talk page, which is foreign to her entire nature, and the second time because the Swedish wikipedia is like a prison, not that she's ever been in one of course. Aaij jollied her along with gifts of coffee, lager and a dear little kitty, but to no avail and indeed both he and Hafspajen were blocked for their trouble.  In an ensuing discussion, Aaij affirms he knows Hafspajen personally and claims that she is a man. We shall take her gender on trust as she herself has declared it.

The issue that led to her retiring was that the Swedish wikipedia has strict rules about embellishing a Talk page. They suggested she could use her User page for that or start a blog. Hafspajen rejected these suggestions and retired her account. She was not allowed to delete all reference to it. She made her last edit on the Swedish Wikipedia on 2 April 2015.  It's worth noting that this account was a "sock" in her terms, as she already had an account on the Swedish wikipedia.

The account she already had in place was called "Warrington", both a girl and a boy's name in the UK.  She used this to edit on the English and Swedish wikipedias. She began editing on these in September 2007 and ceased editing on the Swedish wikipedia abruptly in September 2008,  continuing to edit on the English wikipedia until March 2009. The editing at the Swedish wikipedia seems to have been for the most part uneventful, editing mainly in food and popular British literature, as well as a number of other areas, including landscape architecture and world religions, but not at this time in art. However, her last edit in 2008  expressed frustration with an editor who had taken her to task over the ordering of columns in a table and she announced her intention to retire because the editor was giving contradictory advice to people trying to do something good. True to her word she did not subsequently edit at this account except just twice recently to remove criticism.  This is the first indication we can find of her morbid sensitivity to criticism. We think it likely she continued to edit on IP addresses. On 27 April 2013 she began a Talk page on an IP address. The contribution record for this address continues back to January 2009 and the listed edits are consistent with her edit areas.  Similarly a number of unsigned edits at around this time reveal an IP resolving to the city of Lund in Sweden, confirming a remark Aaij had made in connection with their blocking on the Swedish wikipedia

The origin of the moniker "Hafspajen" is hard to determine. "Haf" is Welsh for "summer" and that chimes with other indications we have found of a Welsh connection (including the poem on the Warrington User page contributed by Hafspajen at the article on the Welsh poet Taliesin), but "spajen" is very problematic. It is a suffix in Yiddish meaning "spit". It might equally occur in an Oriental language, perhaps as a Buddhist dharma name or something of the sort. We think it likely that the moniker is a nonce-formation designed to ensure that internet searches on it resolve to her.

On the English wikipedia, Warrington mainly made food edits, but she did a certain amount of vigilante policing involving vandalism and socks as well. On the 25 November 2008, she made an enquiry about the proper preparation of Spätzle on the Talk page of the Wikipedia editor ChildofMidnight  who introduced Warrington to the illustrious Drmies (Aaij) and Warrington's life, quite simply, changed for ever.

United by a common love of pork products, Warrington and Aaij embarked on a dazzling series of culinary edits unparalleled in the history of writing on-line encyclopedias ...

... erm, except that's not really what happened. What actually happened was that Warrington became a fairly frequent contibutor to Aaij's Talk  page over the next four months. At that time Aaij's Talk page was dominated by ChildofMidnight whose contributions, especially when they were of a political nature, were generally of an amusing  bantering nature. Nevertheless there was sometimes a definitely mocking edge to them and  comments such as this must have caused concern.  Later, he became embroiled in what the Wikipedia community dubbed the "Obama wars". In the end CoM, a sophisticated and very prolific editor, was found to have abused multiple accounts and blocked. At this time, however, his relations with both Aaij and Hafspajen were amicable. In his May 2014 comments atCoM's sock puppet investigation, Aaij (Drmies) makes it clear that CoM was a personal friend and that he had turned a blind eye to CoM's socking.

We record Warrington's interactions with Aaij here. There are several points of interest in Warrington's early editing worth examining  first.

Warrington's first edit was at the article  Komondor, a Hungarian shepherd dog. Ultimately she was to abandon her account over edit warring at this article. The issue was that she felt the article didn't emphasisize sufficiently the size of the breed. However in this first edit at least, she found no issue with the description of the dog as one of the larger breed of dogs. From the outset it's clear that Warrington's command of written English is very limited. For example we read:

Traditionally the coat protected the Komondor from the wolfs bite. The wolf wasn´t able to bite the dog only the thick coat.

Nevertheless she felt herself sufficently proficient actually to contribute an article about  the language. This was her curious article start on the word "Never". It prompted an immediate Article for Deletion (AfD) disussion. Her response was to canvas various editors for support, leading to a rebuke. Warrington replied that she didn't know disruptive canvassing was discouraged and that she would stop. Nevertheless, this kind of canvassing when she finds herself in difficulties is a hallmark of  Hafspajen's editing. For what it's worth, what she was trying to achieve with her article had already been embarked upon with considerable more success at List of idioms of improbability.  In December 2013, the Wikipedia adminstrator Yngvadottir moved the deleted article into Hafspajen' s sandbox. Yngvadottir was one of the editors Hafspajen canvassed during her spat with Coat.

There was a singular unsigned July 2008 edit at the article on Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the present Panchen Lama:


This provoked a rebuke pointing out that Talk pages were for discussions aimed at improving articles. Warrington's response was to blank her Talk page. In general, Hafspajen appears knowledgeable about Tibetan Buddhism, as can be surmised from her considerable edits  at the Talk page on the Celibacy article.

As for her interactions with Aaij we record here, there's not really much to say other than to observe that for the most part she is appealing to Aaij for help with her editing.

There's no question that Aaij's Talk page at this time was blatantly sexist. As far as we know, at this point Aaij had not identified himself as a lecturer at a university (as he must have been, but this not entirely clear from the brief details publicly available) and he is entitled to hang out with his friends in private as he thinks fit. But it is surely worth observing that the effect of all the banter about boobies, balls, and cocks, must have been to exclude most women from his Talk page. When Warrington posted an image on Aaij's Talk page of topless women sunning themselves on a beach, Aaij might well have thought that was something to be quietly removed.  He did not.

Warrington's last edits were to canvass the Wikipedia adminstrators Elonka (an expert cryptologist) and Tznkai on what she regarded as socking at the Komondor article. These edits were essentially a repetition of her evidence at a Sock Puppet Investigation (SPI) she had initiated. They both ignored her and the SPI was delisted. Her last article edit was on Polkagris, a kind of Swedish hard candy.  She was not to return to Wikipedia projects until early 2013, when she used her moniker Hafspajen to set up new accounts on the Swedish, French, Hungarian and Norwegian wikipedias. On each of these projects she engaged a new found mission to provide galleries in art articles and to decorate her Talk pages with art images. The French and Swedish projects actively discouraged her from doing this and she quickly turned her attention back to the English project she had abandoned four years earlier, with this casual 17 April 2013  "How are you?" at Aaij's Talk page. Aaij, who in the meantime had become an administrator (one of the most successful applications ever) and had lost ChildofMidnight to an SPI, hailed her back as a prodigal son. Hafspajen asked that her Warrington account be renamed to Hafspajen and after some debate over the intricacies this was granted.

Return of the mad monk or not as the case may be

Go to Hafspajen's Talk page today as we write (12 October 2015) and you will be greeted by a pale shadow of former glory (or not as the case may be). What you are looking at is a divafest, which is where the faithful congregate at a diva page and festively beg the diva's return. Aaij for example has sent a dear little kitty while his fighting knives expert mate Xanthomelanoussprog has sent a brown white-lipped tree frog. It's not entirely clear to us that all of these festive offerings are necessarily in the best of good faith (German Leopard slug?)  Gareth Griffiths-Jones (The Welsh Buzzard), one of Hafs' most devoted followers, is likewise concerned.  We will just have to wait and see

What has provoked all this was that Hafspajen's account had been temporarily blocked because Hafspajen feared her computer had been hacked and her account compromised. This, in turn stemmed from her monumental spat with a Wikipedia editor back in April which ended with Hafspajen threatening to shout him dead in the street and retiring her account. Everyone thought at the time that the reason Hafspajen retired her account was because she was extremely mad. But that wasn't it at all. What it was, was that a certain editor whose name Hafspajen knows (an Aaij cabal speciality by the way) had been hacking her computer all that time. In the end an administrator blocked her account and ordered an investigation by the Wikimedia Foundation and CheckUsers. As it turned out, it seems Hafspajen's account was fine all along and it was unblocked. All the same Hafspajen has yet to restore her Talk page. Will she or won't he? The world holds its breath (or not as the case may be). We will keep it informed (or not).

À La Recherche du Temps Perdu ou Non Selon Le Cas Peut Être