LFaraone is one of the members of Wikipedia's 2015 Arbitration Committee who banned our editor Coat of Many Colours following a complaint by the Wikipedia editor Hafspajen that Coat was hacking Hafspajen's computer. Hafspajen later claimed that it was Wikipedia itself that was hacking her computer. The issue was investigated by Wikipedia and no evidence was found to suggest that Hafspajen's account had been compromised. Hafspajen nevertheless continued to maintain that Wikipedia was hacking her computer and ceased editing at the beginning of the year (2016).

LFaraone doesn't self-identify on his User page. However his page says that his internet handle is "lfaraone", gives a list of affilations, and links to a Commons image provided by one Luke Faraone. Unsurprisingly he's been doxxed in many places. It's not difficult to locate his personal blog. His resume doesn't give much away about his age. However (writing May 2016) he gives his age as 22 on his StackExchange profile and this is supported by other sources showing him still at high school in 2011, where he was a member of the Virginia Junior Academy of Science.



This implies he was 10 or 11 years when he began a Wikipedia account (using the moniker Firefoxman) in 2004 and around 13 or 14 when he became an administrator on his third attempt in 2007. He gained checkuser and overight permissions by the age of 19 and was elected to Arbcom the following year. He sought relection in 2016, but failed.

It's interesting that in his giddy youth LFaraone acknowledged participation in a hacker's group at his high school. No doubt this was of the benign sort (and indeed he was awarded a bounty of $500 for his efforts at exposing a security flaw at hackerone.com). Nevertheless he did not acknowledge it in his Arbcom candidacy statement. Presumably LFaraone was especially in a position to assess Hafspajen's claim that Coat was hacking her c omputer.

Edit stats conducted mid-May2016 show that LFaraone has made some 17,000 edits over a twelve year period commencing 2004, averaging some 4 edits a day. Of these some 30% are in article space. His editing interests reflect his computing expertise and include editing at the One Laptop per Child iniative, although that is an article that is presently templated as in need of attention. Lfaraone has been criticized for not contributing very much in article space (indeed at all), but we are not aware that his activities as a Wikipedia functionary have otherwise attracted adverse comment.