Ohnoitsjamie is the Wikipedia adminstrator who trolled us in connection with JVollenhovens' block mentioned in our page on Aaij's "deny".

Poncho's probably dead now (image courtesy of Jamie Lantzy).

We would like to know his personal details so we can contact his mum and wish her dead too (fair's fair, come on).

As for Jamie's Wikipedia account, his stats show he began editing in 2005 and has made about 160,000 edits since, 65% in article space. Of these the top 15 most frequently edited articles are listed below right. He obtained his adminship on his second attempt less than a year later with scarcely 10,000 edits.

His love for his pet cat Trillium and dog Poncho is attested by their picture that takes pride of place on his User page, and indeed Trillium and Poncho are celebrated in many other places on the web — so touching.

Jamie's top edits