The above was a troll acount set up to follow us shortly after we created an account at The circumstances were that we had been participating in a Wikipedia mailing list on the Gender Gap controversy. A group of editors centred round Michel Aaij  searched our identity on the web and found our account and that we lived in Leeds (the location we entered on our account). Our identity and putative socks (we have used dozens in the course of our work) were openly discussed on the Wikipedia editor Eric Corbett's Talk page. In the course of that discussion Aaij (Drmies) made a remark that the next time he looked up his friends in Manchester (Corbett's location), he would drop in on Leeds and visit us. Shortly after that, the above appeared as an account "following" us.

It is of course a threat and it has antisemitic implication as well, as the image (right) is of Reinhard Heydrich, one of the architects of the Holocaust. The image is the work of an individual who styles herself "decoengel", active again on the infamous DeviantART forum since early 2013 where she specializes in colorizing Holocaust images. removed the account after a complaint. 

We accept that acted in good faith and do not hold them responsible.