A curious consequence is that we have been banned (once again) from the Wikipedia criticism site Wikipediocracy. This arises, it seems, from our enquiring who the perpetrator might have been, forgetful that this kind of doxxing is not entertained at that site.

We also happened to make an edit at the same time on Aaij, the Wikipedia administrator and Arbcom member we valorize so often in these pages. Our useless banned lawyers are a little concerned about this because it was in a privileged area of the site we can't get back into and take a copy, and they advise us to indicate the content:

It arose because for some time we had not posted at the Wikipediocracy forum, there being some interest recently expressed there in our site and it not our policy to promote our site on Wikipediocracy or anywhere else, including Twitter.  We made a tactical retreat.

When we returned we found that a number of posts had been made, certainly not from any associate of ours, regarding Aaij's browsing habits on pornography sites. One of these suggested he had interested himself in a girl scout site and when we examined the page linked, which we could not understand and did not seem very suspect to us in any case, we could only find a single reference to "drmies" (his Wikipedia moniker). We posted in the first place to point out that "drmies" is a common typo for "armies"  and that in the second place we had certainly never found any evidence for that kind of ("shall we say") interest in underage human sexuality.

Thus our post began by defending him against a slur of pedophilia.

We continued by observing that our own opposition to Aaij was in regard to his elitism. The photographs of his children (alluded to in another thread by the same poster) he uploads to Commons, one of which we note on this page of our site, highlights in our opinion his sense of entitlement and privilege. Concerning Aaij's frequent sexually charged remarks on his Talk page, we noted that another poster has enquired what effect that might have on his wife. We noted that while page followers at his Talk page were soon on first name terms with his children and dog, his wife always remains "Mrs. Drmies" or some other arch construct. But she is real of course, and in fact a respected member of the Montgomery community where they live, one who must contribute pretty well as much to the household income as Aaij himself (indeed, on reflection, possibly more). We invited the forum to ponder the discrepancy of treatment and, perhaps unwisely, wondered whether possibly Aaij kept her in a box in the cellar, a satirical reference of course to Tarantino's famous gimp in Pulp Fiction.

It's a pity we have to part company with Wikipediocracy in this way. We can be found these days at Eric Barbour's Wikipedia Sucks! (And So Do Its Critics) site, where we post under the moniker "Larkin".

We believe Randy from Boise is a sock of the Wikipedia Arbcom member Doug Weller

We are uncertain as to the point of the account. At any rate, whatever the point of the account, one of their edits on Aaij's Talk page has been the subject of some speculation on Wikipedia criticism sites as it appears to impersonate another editor for reasons that are not clear. The owner would appear to be on familiar terms with Fat Eric, as evidenced by this interaction (occasioned by Mrs. Fat Eric's infirmity at the time):

Randy from Boise

On 14 March 2016, we were trolled by a Wikipedia editor Randy from Boise on our recent (dynamic) IP address. The troll could not have been more offensive: