Sagaciousphil (Aaij's deny)

As noted elsewhere, Sagaciousphil is Hafspajen's most devoted wikifriend. As at February 2016, Hafspajen has posted some 4,578 times at her Talk page over a less than three year period commencing 1 May 2013, more than half the edits at her page. That's serious wikiloving. Sagaciousphil also looks after Hafspajen's juffie  badges for her.

At some point we shall have to discuss Sagaciousphil a little more in connection with her double-act with Hafspajen at Featured Pictures. Otherwise we wouldn't normally bother with her. But an issue has arisen over a so-called "deny" revert by Aaij at an article start of hers, which we want to comment on.

First of all, regarding Sagaciousphil, we can start by affirming that we regard her as a throughly decent individual we have no quarrel with whatsoever and have no wish to troll. Her stats shows her as making some 17,000 edits over a six year period commencing 2010. That's an average of half a dozen or so edits a day, typical of a hobby editor.

In the course of time, she has made herself a considerable expert in the Wikipedia mark-up language. She self-identifies as a dog breeder and has made something of a niche for herself in that edit area. This was how she and Hafspajen came together. They diversified into Featured Pictures and writing art articles together. We shall discuss that at  a later date, suffice it so say for now that the blame for the many faults we note in that endeavour are to be laid soley at Hafspajen's door and not at her's.

She also edited on local history topics and so came to the attention of Fat Eric. Inevitably this led to drama, the details of which we shall gloss here but do record at our Power of Women page (in this case feminine wiles were sadly ineffectual). As a result she essentially stopped editing. Our own effort to bring her back into the fold, care of our resident booker hooker (the only Nobel laureate on the game in Llanddewi Brefi), was sadly rebuffed (incidentally, who the fuck is that obnoxious prick Ohnoitsjamie?)

We turn now to the matter of Aaij's deny. First of all a word about the Wikipedia editor JVollenoven (blocked needless to say by stupid on the left). Joost is not really associated with us very much, but we do know him well enough and in fact we go back years (longer than stupid's been editing for a start).  He's probably the Van Gogh expert that so grips stupid (actually a nineteen-century Dutch art specialist and that's what he does you stupid cunt). He drifts aimably around Wikipedia under a variety of inventive Dutch monikers maintaining cordial relationships with a select few editors or not as the case may be (stupid especially in the latter case). We rather strongly suspect him of being that mother of all Wikipedia's no-no's, a paid editor.

Be that as it may, one of Sagaciousphil's article starts caught his attention. This was John Singer Sargent's portrait Lady Agnew of Lochnaw , now in the Scottish National Gallery. This would be Sagaciousphil's home territory and the portrait is important because it launched Sargent's career as a portraitist. Sagaciousphil's start was not expecially noteworthy, sourced from the web for the most part, relying too much on direct quotation and just a wee bit too deferential to the laird o' the manor. Joost was probably attracted by the uncompromising citation style, which would certainly have put the article beyond the scope of most casual editing. Possibly he was talent scouting (he would have been looking for a secure account, prominent with loads of page views, to park his stuff). At any rate he thought to edit there. Since he has access to the Rijksmuseum research library, this should have been an effective partnership. He began by providing exhibition and provenance details at Commons (he has edited very extensively indeed at Commons in this way under his various monikers). When he came to transfer, as is usual, these details to the article, however, he came up against an unexpected obstacle, to wit that Sagaciousphil (let's just call her Bobbie from now on) wasn't about having any arty farty art experts fooling around with her litter thank you very much and besides Bobbie knows a sock who wouldn't know real wikipedia content from a dingleberry hanging off her crack when she sees one. And so it went on,  it pains us to record, culminating in this choice parting shot from Bobbie. For his part, Joost gallantly acknowledged Bobbie's citation style expertise and basically buggered off. That would probably have been worth half a puppy or so each start to you Bobbie, but there you go eh? Best out of it.

Around this time Bobbie was having her unfortunate spat with an administrator Aaij doesn't like and whom Bobbie coincidentally thinks (and says) is not worth the shit that drops on her shoes and for the saying of which (oh the horror) she was sent to the naughty corner for a couple of days (that's a dozen whole edits we missed you bastards, Aaij thought it quite simply outrageous). Dennis Brown, quite easily the saddest cunt on Wikipedia and an endless source of amusement to Joost, who really does hail from the Dutch royal family, well a bit anyway, we happen to know, smoothed things over or not as the case may be.

When Bobbie sneaked a peek back over the parapet again, she thought to get back to unfinished work at Lady Agnew  demonstrating her technical mastery of Wikipedia citations second to none  by inserting "staff writers" at one of Joost's cites. Our editors were on the case in a jiffy.

We left Bobbie's extremely silly "staff writers" edit alone. Otherwise we made three edits in all on our IP address. The first was on style, that is on the way you refer to a lady such as Lady Agnew in prose.  You don't generally continue with "Lady Agnew", but rather with her first name, in this case "Gertrude".  Bobbie probably didn't know that. The second was on the sale of the painting to the Scottish National Gallery. Bobbie had tried, for whatever reason, to repress what everyone knows anyway -- that it was a forced sale. We quoted the relevant letter in the gallery's archive. Our third edit was to indicate the likely selling price on the basis of the letter we quoted and our source's estimate of the original commission fee.

These were all expert edits. They were not vandalism nor trolling and they self-evidently added to the encyclopaedic value of the article. Yet Aaij reverted them all with this edit summary: DENY, with apologies. But the relevant essay  "Deny recognition" is not policy nor even guidance, and it refers only to vandalism and trolling. What to do about obvious cunts making good edits at Wikipedia is something Wikipedia has yet to come to terms with. It's true there are indeed editors, Aaij apparently amongst them, who believe that denying cunts access to Wikipedia is a de facto  sixth pillar of Wikipedia. But cunts being good at stuff is just part of life. Get over it, Michel. You're not even any good at being one. How tragic is that?

In this case Aaij is plainly acting in what he believes is Bobbie's best interests. 

We don't believe that's so. We think Bobbie's best interests is to tell Aaij, Fat Eric and Hafspajen and all the rest of them to leave her alone. They are the real trolls in all this. We have seen Bobbie's personal blog. She could not be a more pleasant and delightful individual. It pains us to see her corrupted in this way by a social media site with its faux  relationships and rewards. Her present policy of scarcely editing at Wikipedia is perhaps for the best right now. If she wants to resume editing again in the way she has, she can consider coming over to the dark side. For a start, we're a lot more fun. She can show her good faith by reverting Aaij at Lady Agnew.

Joost left an article start on Singer's Mrs Carl Meyer and her Children  in his sandbox. That was deleted by Aaij and lost to us. It is substantial, and carefully researched in its description of the antisemitism that pervaded critical response of the time. It comes with images provided by Joost from archive sources, such as this cartoon. Bobbie can retrieve that and put it in article space as an act of penance (let us know). Joost won't mind (it's written up in her citation style and was intended as an eventual joint endeavour in any case) and we will expand it, with her if she is so minded.

But Bobbie first has to tell Aaij where to stick it. Coat once said very nicely that you could smell the cum oozing off Aaij's Talk page clear across five continents.

And so you can.