What do you think? Would you say, all things considered, that Aaij likes a nicely spanked monkey? A lot? A little? Or maybe just on special days, those not infrequent allusions to pulled pork perhaps being some  kind of coded announcements to his page followers —yay, cranked one finally! 

16. 15 March 2009 - Warrington wonders why dogs like to roll around in flower beds. Is it cooler or more exciting?

Aaij never thought to address the issue. This was Warrington's last contribution to Aaij's Talk page. She had gotten herself embroiled in an edit war on the Komondor article. Komondors are Hungarian sheep dogs. Warrington felt a group of editors were seeking to underemphasize that this a large dog. Glancing briefly at what became a protracted edit war, it seems clear to us that Warrington simply lacked enough English to construe correctly the nuances of the article. Aaij made some dozen or so edits at the article , starting with this, but Warrington was not to be appeased. She made a couple of appeals to administrators, here and here, complaining that she was being socked. Neither responded and Warrington abruptly ceased editing thereafter. Her last article edit was at Polkagris, a kind of Swedish hard candy. She was not to return until 17 April 2013, four years later. At this time she was editing quite extensively on the Swedish wikipedia and her first act was to request her account be renamed "Hafspajen" in line with her moniker on her  new Swedish account (strictly a sock as she had already been editing at the Swedish wikipedia on her Warrington account).

What is really curious, in our estimation, is that in these final interactions at Aaij's Talk page, it's clear Warrington had been accepted as a fully signed up member of the frat pack, after a frankly less than promising start. Yet she turned her back on it all. Aaij had shown Warrington every kindness and consideration and had spent a certain amount of time on her behalf assisting her with her edits.  Likewise ChildofMidnight, a plainly talented and creative individual, had been welcoming and supportive. Their final interactions together makes pleasant reading.  Warrington's  departing gesture  was to send Aaij a barnstar,  leaving him without any other word of explanation. This was CoM and Aaij's plaintive  ("Full moon, howl") final attempt at bringing Warrington back into the fold. She ignored it. Whatever value her friendship might have been to Aaij and CoM, it's clear enough that their friendship meant little to her.

Interactions between Aaij and Warrington

On this page we  list the principal interactions between Aaij and Hafspajen when the latter was editing as "Warrington". We don't know what the significance of "Warrington" might be, although it's plain Hafspajen wanted to distance herself from the moniker when she asked for the English account to be renamed. Possibly she wanted to draw attention away from the fact that her Swedish account as Hafspajen was a sock, as she already had the account Warrington she could use,

Not all interactions are listed here, just representative example of the principal groups. Of course we may have missed some.

1. 21 January 2009 - First meeting with Aaij.

The request to oversight Warrington's article start "Kerststol" may look somewhat abrupt, but Warrington was led to Aaij by ChildofMidnight, whom Warrington first interacted with on 25 November 2008.

Aaij created his account around 30 August 2007. Over the following year he edited relatively infrequently. However, by October 2008 his edit count began to ratchet up considerably as he began to interest himself in policing Wikipedia, possibly already with an eye to becoming an administrator (he recently celebrated his 200,000th edit, averaging some 70 edits a day over the eight year period).

ChildofMidnight first interacted with Aaij  on 7 November 2008, thanking Aaij for awarding him a "barnstar" for his efforts at an article "History of slavery in Iran" that had been nominated for deletion. A glance at Aaij's Talk page around this time shows that CoM rapidly became a fixture on Aaij's Talk page and must be regarded as Aaij's first real Wikifriend. In the event all went horribly wrong as the community gradually discovered CoM's incivility and multiple abuse of editing privileges, and blocked him from editing. It occurs to us that Aaaij may have regarded Hafspajen as something of a surrogate, possibly explaining his commitment to her.

Aaij made a copy edit of Warrington's article start. At this time Aaij was presumbly a lecturer at Auburn University at Montgomery where some two years later he was to gain tenure, apparently in part because of his editing at Wikipedia. As far as we know his User pages at this time make no reference to his academic status. Nevertheless his User page when Warrington was editing makes his intellectual nature clear and Warrington must have been indeed flattered that her efforts had been noticed so, her interest no doubt piqued further by Aaij's disclosure of a level 1 proficiency in Swedish!

It's worth noting we think that Aaij's User page at this time expressed an interest in nice boobies (the booby supplied by ChildofMidnight) and death metal bands. Also poems. Aaij likes to pen a nice poem. All in all a pretty regular guy thus.

2. 24 January 2009 - Do these two Greek dishes look one and the same thing to you?

Aaij doesn't rush to judgement.

Flicking on a few edits, we see that ChildofMidnight continues to dominate the discussion on Aaij's Talk page. They chat on  about Ayn Rand and a Dutch architect. CoM mentions he's "dedicating" an article start on another  Dutch architect for Aaij. He seems on pretty familiar terms with Aaij, comfortable about enquiring after the well-being of his baby daughter and the "missus". He knows where Aaij hails from in Holland . CoM superficially seems pleasant enough, mildly amusing, perhaps not on a grand scale but certainly enough to pique and maintain your interest. He is plainly cultivated, possibly an architect given his recent edits, and at ease in sophisticated company. Aaij is not really an adequate foil in our estimation.

There are already ironic comments from CoM about "El Presidente" (Obama). At this edit he links an interesting news story about how tributes to Obama are already starting in the matter of naming locations and dates.The article mentions that Penn County in Alabama had designated the second Monday in November a legal holiday to commemorate the slaying of Jimmie Lee Jackson, which prompted the Selma to Montgomery marches. Aaij, who of course is at Montgomery, Alabama, makes a rather lame response, lamenting Karl Marx has yet to be commemorated in Alabama (fancy). Aaij did later make a couple of edits at the Selma marches article. One of these was to wikilink the civil rights activist Jimmie Lee Jackson  mentioned above with the curiously hyperbolic edit comment "he deserves it". At any rate, we may surmise thus that he is sympathetic, or wishes to be understood as sympathetic, to the 1960s black civil rights movement.

Coat of Many Colours, blocked by Aaij, was also sympathetic. Her article start at Andy Warhol's Race Riot, was a rather more substantial effort than a mere wikilink. We know the article because she tried to buy Race Riot  last year (bless). 

CoM also contributed an image titled "Ma-Kok". Aaij doesn't subsequently observe he likes a nice Kok on his User page.

Around this time, Warrington confides to CoM that he's all mixed up about where she comes from. Apparently she's Austrian-Hungarian on his mum's side.

3.  1 February 2009 - So what do the Dutch really eat at Christmas?

Warrington had added a paragraph at Dutch cuisine about the traditional Dutch Christmas dinner consisting of various quality meats such as  duck and glazed ham. The paragraph is uncited and happens to be rubbish. There is no such thing as a traditional Dutch Christmas dinnner, since the Dutch celebrate the Sinterklaas feast of  6 December when fancy pastries (but not meats), especially the famed almond biscuit Speculoos, are served. An editor is removing Warringtons's reference to duck and glazed ham. ChildofMidnight restores, but still the editor persists. Warrington is taken aback. She never thought an edit war would break out over such a thing! She appeals to Aaij, whose obvious Dutchiness is obvious plus he corrects her spelling. In fact this is borderline canvassing, since Aaij hasn't declared expertise in Dutch cuisine nor edited at the article. It's plain that Warrington expects to be supported, but the  warring editor intervenes and Aaij supports him in impeccable Google Dutch - je hebt gelijk. Warrington calls Aaij an angel (ik zeg kerel, gestaag op). She wonders whether they can instead simply write the Dutch would love to eat game but don't dare, and points out that CoM did support him. Aaij doesn't respond.

We can take stock at this point. Three interactions over the past week or so, once to ask Aaij to correct his English, another to enquire about something Greek or something, and finally all this weird bollocking on about  Dutch Christmases. You would have thought Aaij might be tempted to ignore Warrington's further contributions.

Not so ... (what are we missing here , what is it we aren't seeing ?)

4. 13 February 2009 - Who took the dog out?

The dog in question being Dogmatix and the reason he got took out was because a Fair Use rationale hadn't been supplied for the image in the article. The ensuing discussion covers  Sinterklaas' horse, Martin Luther King, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx's wife, North Korea, Myanmar, and Lewis Caroll's poetry (why not try making it up  yourself before reading it?)  Oh, and sandwiched between the horror of North Korea and India's territorial claims on the Lake of No Return, a lament that there's no chapter on bacon in Joy of Cooking.

Warrington wishes Aaij a Happy Valentine's Day. Happy? Was dat gelukkig ook voor jou, Jaantje?  —— Ja, hoor, de aarde bewoog gelukkig voor mij. Het was fucking amazing heer Marx.

5. 16 February 2009 - Bonding with meatballs.

Warrington wonders if meatballs really are the most popular Swedish meal? Aaij casually mentions he's enjoyed eating pyttipanna (bubble and squeak, chance of bacon) in Sweden. Warrington very suspiciously doesn't squeal with delight that Aaij has traveled in Sweden. She does compliment Aaij on his gastronomic sophistication. Aaij replies wittily in Sanskrit that he is a "flying Dutchman"!  For some reason Warrington replies "it was hell".  Deep.

6. 17 February 2009 - The balls of my aunt are bigger and saltier than your seven headed dragon's ones.

Fuck knows. ChildofMidnight is desperate. How to make all these salty balls stop? Help! 

CoM strikes us as quite a lot of fun. Poor old Aaij simply can't cope,  jammer.  CoM chides Aaij for taking out a bit somewhere about Obama being raised in Pakistani terror camps. Still Aaij won't be raised from his seven headed dragon's lair. CoM consoles himself with some yummy chocolate covered whoppers. Later he pens a tolerably amusing joke about fucking horses if you know a bit about Sanskrit. Aaij still can't cope.

7. 18 February 2009 22:42 - Have you met the Canvey Island Monster?

8. 18 February 2009 23:30 - Lost interest, sorry.

ChildofMidnight jolly well hasn't. He is minded of his step-mother

9. 18 February 2009 23:43 - No really, totally lost interest. Honest.

Aaij thinks all this looks like something to do with turkey buzzards.

10. 19 February 2009  - Fucking keep me out of this. Thanks.

11.  21 February 2009 - Joden= Jews and koek= cookie, stupid.

Aiij has a brother in Enkhuizen!  Hoe kon hij dat voor de minst even vergeten?

12.  27 February 2009 - Aaij also has an aunt who lives in Lund!

Verdomme, ze fokken overal deze familie Aaij... some years later, when Aaij and Hafspajen (i.e. the editor formerly known as Warrington) got themselves banned from the Swedish wikipedia for exchanging pics of dear little feline juveniles, we learn that Warrington also hails from Lund, not that she mentions that here. What is she trying to hide?

13. 2 March 2009 - Yuletide for Hitler

Warrington thinks the Commons category Christmas in Germany including Nazi... is a bit weird. She would also like to mention in passing that the Wikipedia editor Badagnani is completely ignoring her! Badagnani made over a thousand article starts before being indefinitely blocked for his troubles in 2010.  Fucking well serves him right.

14. 5 March 2009 - As far as Warrington can remember, Aaij likes a nice cow.

15. 6 March 2009 - How about dogs? 

Aaij expresses solidarity with Warrington. It's a crying shame. By way of thanks, Warrington posts a pic of some topless skank sunning themselves on a Barcelona beach for Aaij's appreciation as a connoisseur of boobies,  the naughty little monkey. Well, at least she didn't say naughty little spanking monkey, come on