Yngvadottir is* a Wikipedia administrator who   announced her intention on 11 March 2015  to retire from the project.  She set forward her reasons in a 20+ paragraph wall of text on her User page. It seems that she had been subjected to multiple assumptions of bad faith, even of driving editors off the project. As usually happens in such cases, her announcement brought forth messages of support from fellow editors. By 26 April she evidently felt sufficiently heartened to resume editing, although we can't find any explanation of her change of heart or, for that matter, any acknowledgement of the support she received. Perhaps she felt it spoke for itself.

Yngvadottir is indeed quite regularly doxxed on the internet by her disgruntled opponents. This somewhat unlikely 6 August 2014 page at the Wikimedia Foundation concerning its policy regarding the CJEU's  "right to be forgotten" decision (nevertheless a page of some considerable interest to our useless banned lawyers we may very well enlarge upon at a later date) is a case in point.  A contributor takes issue with Wikipedia's avowed ethos and values, and cites Yngvadottir as an example of all that is wrong with it. Amongst the same set of commentators we can also find the owner of Wikipediocracy, a site offering critiques of Wikipedia and from which we incidentally have been banned in perpuity for not calling all people who aren't stupid cunts Corbetts can you fucking credit it, offering details of Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales' finances gleaned from filings in connection with his recent divorce case. Such the passions raised by Wikipedia.

As for Yngvadottir's outing as an academic who has held positions (but apparently not since June 2013) at prestiguous universities in the US and UK, we are a little cautious as she seems not to edit in her area of academic excellence. However if the identification is correct, then we can at least observe that she has a publishing history rather more exalted than Aaij's  and seems a decent enough individual we should surely like were we met in other circumstances. Her treatment of Coat, alas, was pretty underhand and amounts to plagiarism, not a quality admired in academia.

Hafspajen was one Yngvadottir's supporters in her hour of need. She sent her some really beautiful puppies that moved Aaij to go so far as to quote Keats' Ode to a Grecian Urn. The love is palpable and indeed we can quantify it by enquiring how many times Hafspajen has posted on Yngvadottir's Talk page. The answer is 1329 times to date (14 October 2015) over a  three year period, more than once a day on average. To be sure it all seems puppy love, not the really serious under the haf stuff we see at Sagaciousphil, but all the same you couldn't call Yngvadottir disinterested in the circumstances even were she a bit of a daft old urn all told.

* For those who care,  Yngvadottir had her administrative rights revoked ("desysopped") in October 2015. Something to do with Fat Eric. Fuck knows, but he's not editing any more either so there (we'll pass on opening a book how long that will last). She should have come over to the dark side.